How to lose weight. The Basic Article

On the way to weight reduction is a variety of offers underwater boulders, boulders, and stones, the one from this Text. In losing weight is the most important thing – your daily comfort, as the approach to life and diet, starting with the one you changed will inevitably adhere to. Be berezhnev, friendly, careful, attentive, to be on this path.


Energy balance and calories

To study the first and most important thing is that it is necessary to understand – it is a simple and intuitive law of energy balance. Words, he says: "eat more calories, than you spend — you take the weight, less — hudeesh". It doesn't matter what products or dishes were recruited calories. Also is not critical, and the fact of how much is eaten in proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Each person has his own speed, calories (depending on body size and activity) – the approximate number calculator "calculation of the calories to give" under the Logo of Sonika. If you want to lose weight – need to eat 10-20% less than this standard. That's all, the Rest is secondary. Similar experiments in different years and the result is the same: to lose all of the participants in weight with a deficit of calories, regardless of the food, from which you came. The overall calorie deficit in your diet. It is also a strange study was a lie, where on the chard to calories not weight, but then it turned out that everything is in order — the subjects easy.

This means that you can eat, although only in a cafe fast Food, but with chard calories and still lose weight?! Yes, that's right! Such an Experiment is also conducted (and not time). One of the most well-known: High-School teacher John Cisna decided in the context of the school Experiment in the natural Sciences, food 3 months only in the next room. For 3 months John 17 kg removed, and which impressed him so much that he decided to let her Experiment, even 3 months. A similar Experiment with a fast-Food allowed to the students of the University, Jared Fogle earn, always the face of the company . He weighed 193 kg in the size 185 see But one day his life changed abruptly after he began to eat with a calorie deficit. He invented a diet with a deficit: 18-cm-Sandwich with Turkey breast for Gösta lunch, a Sandwich with a Can for dinner + a can of coke and a pack of fried potato chips. In the first 3 months, he is thin to 42 kg per year 111 kg, thanks to this diet – with Swiss chard calories. Slim (but not health) of importance, how much you eat (in calories), but not what exactly. Jared Fogle, lost 193 to 82 kg per year, nutrition with Swiss chard calories.

Muscles and fat

Why not starve to lose weight

The first thing that comes to mind, after acquaintance with the law of energy balance "the bigger the deficit, the more and lose weight". This is not to say, if you eat any, or eat very little (300-500 kcal per day), you can lose weight quickly. Certainly, it is a short-term effect, but in the end only makes it worse: a Rollback is inevitable, because the man simply will not be able, in the long term, to eat under the level of the base of the metabolism. (for the average woman 30 years, the growth of 160 cm and a weight of 60 kg – base-metabolism of about 1300 kcal per day, and the Norm is about 2000 kcal/day). It is very useful to remember the famous Minnesota "hungry" Experiment, 1944, if under the supervision of science learning group was a man voluntarily on a long-term diet with calories slightly below your Baseline metabolism (in average calorie intake of the participants of the experiment in a dry Phase was 1570 kcal per day for a year and a half). Here is what happens with test persons and will be with everyone for a long time to eat under the level of the own base metabolism:

  • appeared apathy, decreased interest in discussions and earlier hot topics for you;
  • increased irritability and aggressiveness, frequent outbursts of anger;
  • the mean heart sunk-frequency (up to starve to death, the average pulse rate of 55 beats per Minute, and after 35, the body is switched to the power saving mode);
  • the frequency of emptying of the rectum was extremely rare – once per week;
  • Blood volume sank 10%, the size of the heart decreases;
  • appeared swelling of the face, the area of the king's meadow and the ankle, some of the rough skin;
  • appeared dizziness, muscle pain, Tinnitus, worsens the coordination;
  • Libido decreased and then disappeared completely, the testes produce less and less hormones, the sperm count is reduced and you are less mobile;
  • there were problems with mental health: scientists have, with the help of Tests with many participants, hypochondria, Depression, hysteria.
the difference in mass

If you can occur a long time to eat with a calorie deficit below its base level of metabolism, with time, the same symptoms as in the case of the participants of the experiment. Almost always follow after the failure of the hunger set are: even more weight than before fasting, while it was usually at the expense of adipose tissue – the body begins to more actively share, to increase as soon as the calorie intake. And that's muscle tissue during the hunger strike, on the contrary, quite quickly burned. This is called yo-yo effect: the consequence with every step of fasting in the body, less muscle tissue and more and more fat. So you can exhaust in a metabolic corner, out of the long and painful. During the hungry diets, weight loss occurs largely at the expense of the loss of the lymphoid tissue and muscle fibers, and not fat, that does not give up and goes to last. Weight loss during fasting is definitely there, but this loss is only for the best, and almost certainly more damage, and weight. Starvation diet almost always ends the same: the Food of a nervous breakdown. Firstly, because it is impossible dramatically and for always sitting on 500-700 (and even 1200-1500) kcal a day, secondly, it will help developing countries in the context of the loss of nutrients Depression. Therefore, to lose the recommendation of the scientists and experts: weight, it is important to gradually, to a deficit of not more than 20% of your calories. This is the strategy that finally can a stable result.

Diet with restriction of carbohydrates. Water retention

In a large number of popular diets it is a common feature – the decrease in consumption of carbohydrates. This is a very important Detail, because in addition to the calorie balance sheet, dictate supply, including the or the combustion of fat, the weight of the body may change as a result of water, held. So: carbs, water, delay in the body. Not fat, but just water. In an average-sized people, the operating supply of energy in the Form of approximately 0.5 kg of carbs (this substance is called glycogen, in the liver, the muscles, the blood circulation and is important for the maintenance and immunity). But an important Detail: each 1 G of carbohydrates is delayed another 3 G of water.

Energy and health

So if the glycogen storage consume (for example, not eating carbs), the body is able to lose very quickly, literally within 1-2 days, 1-2 kg due to the reduction in inventories of carbohydrates and, thus, more "run" of water, the hydrate, these coal reserves tie. (For more details on how it works, we will describe in the Text by Lyle McDonald: rule 3500 kcal = 0.5 kg). This loss is no relation to the burning of subcutaneous fat, but on the scale visible. As soon as you consume again, start with carbohydrates (eat Spaghetti, rice, buckwheat, bread) — the liquid back in your body. And that's fine. The who recommends will receive 50-55% of the calories, just the carbs – it's great. However, a quick effect in the first days of any diet with a reduced calorie, it supports the myth of its wonder-working efficacy. But let's look a step further and cons list:

  • By limiting carbohydrates lost fat layer and depleted operating reserves of energy (glycogen) and from among them, water. Your body is nice and proportional, it is easy to 1-2 kg less liquid.
  • This is a temporary phenomenon – until the first good part of the carbs. Are you ready to never more in my life, there are carbs (completely bread, pasta, rice, abandon, buckwheat, just sweet)?
  • This is a limited phenomenon of glycogen in the body only up to 0.5 kg, 1-2 kg more on of this technique is "merging" will not work. Therefore, at this point, in the vast majority of cases, "removing" and ends.
  • This can be the deterioration of mood, brain activity (carbohydrates – the main fuel of the brain), can cause irritability, deterioration of the immunity.

And this is what the undoubted pluses restriction of carbohydrates:

  • Carbohydrates are delicious and they are easy to read calories. The restriction of the carbohydrates allows a closer look at your diet and, in General, facilitates the control of incoming calories.

Conclusion: it makes no sense to restrict all carbohydrates (except that it is less useful in simple sugars), the better calorie restrict in your frame. There is no special sense in it, the "merging" of water.

An overview of the diets and how they work

"The Kremlin Diet"


The point is: Here the author: carbohydrate is your enemy writes, it is of carbohydrates fat. Do not eat carbohydrates and lose weight. On the diet, only Protein and low in fat-containing foods allowed: meat, fish, eggs, fruit and Can. Then, after the first phases of the diet, it is allowed to add a little bit of carbs. How it works: due to The exhaustion of the stock of glycogen, in the first days of the diet weight loss happens through the water drain out. The loss of water on the Kremlin diet is possible, and the loss of body weight (muscle and fat) with a kcal deficit. All 7-8 thousand kcal = Plus/minus 1 kg (depending on a lot of food fed by the standard on this 7-8 thousand kcal, or Vice versa — with a similar level of deficit). What to do: eat carbs and don't worry about anything. His calories + sports consume 10 to 20% less the fiznagruzki to lose muscle tissue.

Kefir Diet

- Essence: a little meat, a lot, a lot of yogurt. Kefir you can drink when you want and how you want. How it works: (like all previous) loss of moisture – 1-2 kg in the first few days due to the reduction of carbohydrates (in meat, and yogurt to be very little). Loss of 1 kg muscle and fat for all 7-8 thousand kcal deficit (or Set of 1 kg of fat you should consume with meat and yogurt on your personal standards kcal). What to do: eat meat (or any other food), drink the Kefir (or other moisture) and don't worry about anything. His calories + sports consume 10 to 20% less the fiznagruzki to lose muscle tissue.

How to lose weight: the practice

Now, if you are deeply familiar with the scientific theory of rocks detaching and psychological, we give some useful practical Chapter on your way to weight loss (restriction of caloric intake). The experts write that only 10% of those, the Slims can to keep the result for a long time. In a single-source writing, that even 95% give slim lost back within 1-5 years. We hope that, if you have attentively read what has been written up to this Chapter, then you will greatly increase your chances of a successful 5%.

How do you know your calories. The subtleties and nuances


In the year 1990, the formula Mifflin-San was community, which is considered one of the easiest and most accurate for the calculation of the energy demand. Exactly according to this formula, the calculator assumes. Here is an example of the calculation of calories: is more than a simple way to calculate your General daily costs of energy – multiply the weight of the body to 30-35 kcal. The larger and more active a man is, the more you need to focus on the upper limit. Women need to pay more attention to the lower limit. For example, the approximate calories burned for women: 60 kg * 32 (. moderate = trained) 1920 kcal.

So start losing weight and not as accused.

If up to this Chapter, you have already made an important first step. You go back to this Text each time, if you are having problems and looking for answers. We will remind, were the most important thing to lose weight we should start and looked like we would be in this case. Here are the main principles that will help you to achieve long-term success are:

  1. You realize that the innovations that they introduce in their lives – for always. How you look is not only genetics, but also the result of your life style, how and what you eat, what you do is. If the changes in habits are temporary, and the results are slimming, even temporarily.
  2. You can go as slowly as possible, to a maximum in small increments. You are not force to change your life and all at once – because, probably, it will not work. The enthusiasm and will power to go long. Do not give more than 1 new habits per month. You start, for example, to only observe, how you eat: simply counting calories get used to and understand how many calories you ate a day or so. Then – gradually, new habits: for example, buy a couple of kilos of fruit every few days (or at least a few times per week) Can. You act strong, stand in this mode to gradually and comfortably – finally, it is always, therefore, it makes no sense to hurry.
  3. Anorexia
  4. They were very berezhnev and compassionate to yourself. Do not forget to promote the reward for themselves, a new and useful habits, let facilitations (indulge yourself with your favorite products, even if they don't seem "healthy"), remember that 10-20% of the ration is to be recommended for reasons of "harmful" products, and they are usually your diet of what you really love. Because of this, the power supply rules to you now, for always – you are the most comfortable.
  5. Engage in physical activity. This will ensure that you will feel much better and are losing weight for the most part body fat inventory management and not muscles. The employment of choose to of the soul. Even regular walking is a very useful exercise, plenty of places on you.
  6. You make your HLS is a high priority. Try to the importance of the training lift in his appointment calendar up to the highest priority. Finally, and this has a positive impact on the work and on the family.
  7. Get pleasure from the process. This is the most important part of the process. We believe that losing weight easy, enjoyable and learn in this way, for the most part, pleasant emotions.

I thank you for reading and for your desire! Everything will turn out! Take care of yourself!