How to lose weight in 3 days without dieting and pills

There is a category of women, the attack horrified that it is necessary to diets to lose weight fast. Yes, and not bring a sustainable and lasting effect. In General, the dropped pounds come back, and bring the "friends".

In addition to all of the restrictions in the diet appear to be a negative impact on the condition of the internal organs, the hormonal System, metabolism. So, the solution to a problem, how to lose weight fast, throw the thoughts about the strict food regulations.

the change in the body in weight loss

The second extreme, the like lazy ladies, is the "miracle" pill that will allegedly enable it, without any effort to lose weight. In this decision, remember: the smallest effect, to reach the of medications of this kind, is a bowel cleansing and reduction of edema, since you basically have a diuretic effect.

In the worst case, serious diseases of the nervous system and the digestive tract. So how to lose weight at home, without the above-described extremes? The answer is simple — proper nutrition. Many were skeptical about, but never adheres to the principles of proper nutrition. So at least for the sake of the experiment, you will experience basic recommendations. You will see how you can lose weight, not your body, not poisoning be. The most is the fact how quickly the body and the outer shape changes of a surprise. Remember that losing weight on 90% depends on the diet and only 10% of the physical activity.

So do not be indefinitely postponed dream of a slim body, and put the 10 rules of healthy nutrition in the life:

  • You forget about sugar and sweets, baking and Desserts, at least, because these products are not only overweight, but have a negative impact on the condition of the skin. If you want to buy, the perfect complexion, to get rid of skin rashes, reduce the production of sebum, then you can rely on everything that contains sugar, and taboo.
  • Do not eat carbonated drinks, even if it is the usual mineral water. Carbon dioxide damages the walls of the stomach, stimulates her, what happened to the release of stomach acid and starts the process, the so-called expression "sucks in the stomach". Also if you just ate, but drank soda water, in a few minutes the feeling of Hunger.
  • You don't drink only water at room temperature is less than 1.8 liters per day. The amount of the beverage lead to the horror, because it seems incredibly large . But if you in the morning on an empty stomach 250 ml of drink, getting out of bed, and in the course of the day, after so much 30 minutes before eating and one hour after, then will not even notice how quickly you digest. By the way, the water — the source of life for the skin. After 3 days, see how the skin improves image. Do not drink cold water, otherwise the undigested food will immediately starve in the intestine and to be again.
  • Change diet: more vegetables, the avoidance of which, the food rich in starch (corn, potatoes), and lean meat (chicken, lean beef), lean fish (hake, Pollock, carp). You take into account the number of eaten and calories consumed. If you wondered how to lose weight fast, then you create or use an already created nutritionists menu that is not greater than 1200 kcal.
  • Adjustable Meals. This aspect requires an individual approach: someone has to it five times a day, and someone enough and three times. Therefore, break your meals to several meals, but eat about the same amount of calories. If you are hungry, then a bite to eat 10 pieces of almond seeds, or 3-4 pieces of prunes or dried apricots eaten.
  • Build diet: in the morning eat more carbohydrates (cereals), and with the lunch — Protein foods. 3 hours before bedtime forget to go over to the food.
  • Change the type of the preparation of the food. You can forget fried food. You go to the courts, grilled, steamed or boiled.
  • You enter into the diet of more milk products, and it is yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese, whey.
  • Eating out for dinner daily, coleslaw, fresh beets and carrots. With it fits perfectly to chicken, lean meat or cottage cheese. This will help to establish digestion.

Of course, you have to forget about the next room. If you can't survive without sweets, then cut into slices, Apple slices, cinnamon, and add a teaspoon of honey. Fold them all in a container and carry them. How just wanted to lift the mood of chocolate, grab an Apple.

How to lose weight fast: exercises

How depressing for some women it may sound, but without losing the activity, weight is not possible. It is important to do it right and not to overdo it.

Not to lose the essence of physical activity these extra calories, but to tone the muscles, make them more elastic those places that have become weak. In addition, gymnastics stimulates the production of the hormone of joy. It stimulates the metabolism and improves the mood. Therefore, taking into account the fact that this is not the aim of the exercises, the Olympic records and the good mood and toned body, do daily such exercises:

    exercises for losing weight
  • Go. Walking is lose a good means to weight. Brisk walking for 30 minutes — this is a minus of 250 kcal. Therefore, change your daily life: get to work 20 minutes early and walk, or get off two stops earlier, and to independently overcome the remaining distance. Nordic walking (with sticks) even better results: for one hour of such exercises to get rid of 500 kcal.
  • Dance. A lesson in any dance movements: the Eastern, or Latin American dances, Ballroom or sporty. The main thing — passion and perseverance. Pilates or Yoga. Complex Pilates a good way to tighten up muscles. Simple exercises allow you to feel each bundle, and a broken or weakened heart muscle. In Yoga and Pilates, all exercises are so designed that the work all of the muscles of the body simultaneously. Therefore, the effect is fast and spectacular.
  • Ironing and exercises in the bar. Lift the body on his outstretched hands and feet. Hold it for 30 seconds in this Position. Make sure that the back of the tank on a line. Imagine yourself on your elbows and hold still for 30 seconds. Make 10 transitions with the elbows on the smooth hands again. You go on your knees and relax for 20 seconds. Repeat this exercise 2 more times.
  • Exercise Is "Mountain Climbers". Standing in the bar, it make jump kicks, the Simulation of the jump in the mountains. Do this exercise 2 sets of 10 times.
  • Jump. From the Stand, sit down, tap on the fingers of gender, dramatically directly. Repeat this exercise 3 sets of 10 times.
  • Squats. You can set 30 times, so that the line of the knee for socks stop.
  • Exercise "booklet" for the press. You lay down on the floor, you should lift the torso and bent knees. The effect comes, when 3 sets of 10 times for beginners to do, for those who have a good physical preparation, to 30 times.
  • Rocking Hand. You are in the bar and you slowly go to the floor, turn the hands. The slower you make, the more effective. You try 10 times. You turn your back to a chair, slim hands, so that the body turned, raised above the ground. Bend the arms not less than 10 times.
  • Exercise for the waist. They put forward the leg in the knee the second bend, also bend. To get place the hands behind the head and do the twists, and the inclinations to the knee, tried before him. Perform 3 sets of 15 times.

Choose exercises or complex, in its discretion, and on their physical Fitness and health.

If you want to avoid problems with your back, then you are weight training, limit swimming and walking. If there are problems with the circulatory System, then do Yoga.

Baking soda for weight loss at home

Many of the Online resources published the information that baking soda for weight loss is an excellent Alternative to frustrating exercise. Apparently, there is a great effect for a small period of application. Just as you use — internal or external — is questionable.

Some experts recommend juices, drinks, or dissolve in warm water and drink. But such methods seem to be uncertain, because of the Soda, once in the stomach, neutralizing the gastric juice. This reduces the feeling of Hunger, but can damage the stomach wall and lead to a deterioration of the General health.

Bath with

Therefore, to understand how to lose weight with Soda. This substance has a positive effect on the skin: it cleans your, improves the metabolism and has an Anti-Cellulite effect. Therefore, it would be desirable him to the outside.

If you want to lose weight quickly, then you use baking soda for weight loss as additives in a bath treatment. Take a bath with Soda solution. To do this:

  1. Mix 300 G baking powder 500 G of sea salt. Insert it into warm water.
  2. Take a bath with this solution for 30 minutes.
  3. Thoroughly towel-RUB by the Massage movements on the problem areas. Use Anti-Cellulite cream to enhance the effect.

You use all of these methods extensively, and after 3 days in the mirror to see the current woman with a great figure, skin and in a good mood.

If you enjoy the rules of proper nutrition and like to meet different physical activity to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time.