The most effective diet for weight loss at home

The decision to lose weight, to revise the women your diet. There are two variants: a well-balanced diet and an exercise Regime, and you lead the weight in the standard-to-lose mode, minus 0.5-2 kg per week, weight, or quickly to an Extreme but effective diets. Which variant do you like better? Many girls choose the quick ways to lose weight, you want to not see results within a few days!

Diet products

However, the fastest effective diet has a downside: the short-term result. Lost by starvation pounds in the same way as all the fast as they went. To lose in addition to Extreme ways of weight – practically disposable. They help to reduce the weight, two. But with time, not more work. This is due to the fact that periods in which there is an acute identifiable lack of calories – Stress for the body, and gradually "learn" to resist. Therefore, more and more women prefer to use the extreme methods of weight loss, but a healthy balanced diet, which guarantees the long-term outcome.

But sometimes still need to lose weight fast: in front of sporting competitions special dates or events fight. In the list of requirements for certain occupations, the norms of weights are, and if you are fighting the Standard, the Problem can only by the quick and effective diet. We collected the most popular Power modes, in order to get rid of 5-10 extra Kilos. But to observe reasonable care! In the case of strong restrictions on the diet the side effects can be.

TOP 5 of the most effective diets

Diet Plan for a week

The easiest and fastest way to lose a few pounds at home monodiets is. They have some drawbacks: monotony of the dishes, making a chard of vitamins and trace elements, the rapid return of the lost kilos, the need to consult the doctor. And yet, they are one of the most effective diets for quick weight loss.

Kim Protasov

For those who Can, and with ease without the meat. Diet, compiled by the Protasov, designed for 5 weeks. It is based on raw with a small addition of milk products. The menu looks like this:

  • Breakfast: unsweetened coffee, low-fat yogurt, Apple;
  • second Breakfast: cucumber with homemade cheese;
  • Lunch: tea, Apple, salad with grated cheese;
  • Snack: Carrots, Salad, Apple;
  • Dinner: boiled egg, tomatoes with herbs and yogurt.

Diet for the lazy

Sometimes the time for cooking and no complicated recipes. The good news is that there are effective diets that do not require culinary delights. The main principle of the "rotten" food: before eating, drink 2 cups of clean, warm water. Absolutely hot! The point is simple: warm water is not give to erase the Hunger, at the same time, too much to eat.

To reduce in the context of this method of weight fast it does not have to three times a day, restriction of the product virtually. Although of sweets, greasy and fried foods, as well as alcohol and carbonated drinks are better to avoid.


Buckwheat Diet

This Mono-diet you can lose up to 10 kg per week. However, buckwheat porridge, you do not need to cook, and zaparivat. For this reason, it is not so tasty, but helps to reduce the weight. First, rinse the groats with boiling water and wait until the full swelling of the grains. It takes a lot of time, therefore, porridge zaparivat need 12 hours. This is best done in the evening. The book, a little salt, spices, a spoon of soy sauce wheat.

The received number of share of cereals on 5 meals and eat it during the day. The last meal should not be later than 5 hours prior to bedtime. A half hour before the meal, drink a glass of water. You can also drink unsweetened green tea. But the abuse of this effective diet is not tract necessary, otherwise the danger of "earning" a disease of the gastrointestinal.

Dukan Diet

This is the Protein diet based on the almost complete absence of carbohydrates. Pierre Ducane insured, so that you constantly eat, the variety of the menus. And yet, the diet created Dukan is not suitable for everyone, but only for those who set back of 10 kg, and are willing to wait for the results a month or longer.

The conversion to strawberry nutrition is carried out in several stages. First of all, you are not to carbs to replace the protein. Then alternately and protein, stabilizing weight. Then you can a little bit of carbs to introduce in the diet, but their share is still more than 10% of the total number of products.

The easiest diet

Monodiets not fit all: it is hard to bear because of the monotony of the diet, the drastic reduction in the amount of carbohydrates, the search for special products. But there are ways to reduce the weight without adhering to a large number of complex culinary terms.

Kefir Diet

Kefir Diet

One of the most popular variants of emergency-weight-reduction – Mono-diet Kefir. Survival is not easy, but no trouble with the planning of the diet, and graphics meal. The bottom line is that you yogurt drink a day to 1.5 liters, if greasy, and all. So, you can lose up to 5 pounds per week. However, 3-5 days sitting on a yogurt longer, to suffer because, otherwise, the body begins to fatigue.

Mode for fast weight loss

The hard limitation of the food effectively in a short barrel. So if you have wheat on a Kefir or book, must assume that the lost pounds quickly. But you can rebuild your diet in order to reduce the weight and fix him on one level, Plus-minus 2 kg. For this eat slightly should change: not big portions three times a day and in small doses 5. Also, all the calories will have to give up rich products:

  • sugary sodas;
  • Alcohol;
  • Desserts;
  • fried and baked potatoes;
  • Fatty red meat;
  • Sausages;
  • Cereal, Breakfast, fast cooking;
  • fast Food;
  • Muffins and other pastries made from white wheat flour.

The basis of the diet are fresh fruit and lean fish and white meat, cereals in addition to the white rice. To lead helpful a food diary, since all of the meals, even the smallest ones. Also, you need to calculate the daily requirement of calories for your weight and style of life of 300-500 units away, and keep just as calorie content.

Effective ways to lose weight

In addition to these methods, the emergency weight reduction, there are also others.

Diet for 5 days effective

Slim Girl

"Ladder" method for weight loss of 3-8 kg for 5 days. It is based on five levels of power, equal to 5 days of the week:

  1. Cleansing day: fasting with regular use of pure water.
  2. Revitalization: can you eat milk.
  3. Energy: need please the body glucose with the help of raisins, honey and other natural products.
  4. Construction: in this Phase, protein to eat.
  5. Fat combustion: we need fiber, which satiates and satisfies the Hunger.

The most effective diet for a week

The easiest way to weight help with food to reduce per week from a buckwheat porridge and yogurt. Yes, it turns out to be monotonous, but you lose up to 5 kg book to cook wheat the same as and for buckwheat methodology: zaparivat, but do not boil. Per day up to 1.5 L drink low-fat yogurt.

An effective diet for 10 days

The essence of the superdeity lose weight in a day, you can only use a product in a quantity up to 1 kg. weight loss Takes up to 10 days, so about 8 kg, to reduce. But the doctors warn: this method helps to reduce the weight, but not safe for the health. Therefore, at the first sign of discomfort see a doctor. And to avoid sickness, stick to these principles:

  • you choose natural products;
  • eliminate from the diet fatty, sweet, smoked, red meat, alcohol;
  • you are planning a meal and stick with it;
  • you can reduce the amount of salt to consume with a meal.

Variants of products, the carrots are ideal for this method of weight reduction: boiled potatoes, fresh cabbage, boiled beets, raw. Also recommend fresh cucumbers, apples and cooked rice. You can like to days "Kefir" and "milk".

You can try and vegetarian diet. This is a safer Option, but you will lose up to 3 kg. the essence of the method in the diet are fruits and, the rejection of all other foods such as cheese, eggs and milk.

Diet for 2 weeks effective

For four of the ten while, you can try to lose an Extreme method of weight, which consists of a, an almost complete renunciation of food. Food, you need very little healthy food, to not feel the saturation. You are constantly starving, the most important lose pounds fast in the first week, then the pace of weight slow decrease.

However, this diet is suitable, say, for example, not all of them. The starvation Stress for the organism, and in two weeks of malnutrition, a whole range of side effects. Therefore, we recommend the less radical method to normalize the body weight: the already well-known rations from a product to a day. It can stretch to 14 days, the main thing is, don't forget to drink up to 2 liters of water per day and you switch the products.

The most effective diets for weight loss 10 kg

Narrow Waist

There are three types of ways to reduce body weight to 10 kg: rigid, cleansing and gentle. We will advise you without emergency not to resort to harsh methods, because they have many side effects. But if to reduce the urgent need for weight, you can try this Option: eliminating high-calorie foods and switching to low-calorie diet Maximum calories of the daily diet of 1300 calories. To avoid the constant Hunger, to share the meals on 7-8 shooting.

A gentler Version: the Cleansing method, which consists of a waiver of products of animal origin, as well as fried, fatty and smoked dishes. They should be Able to be replaced, fruit, cereals, low-fat dairy products. But in this case it is important to smaller portions and eat 5 times a day.

Already at the end of food the most easy to endure, it is for a loss of 10 kg within a month. Strict restrictions, but high-calorie food, fast Food, Desserts, baking, sweet, and carbonated drinks must be completely ruled out. Miss fatty, fried, smoked. Instead of black, and eat unleavened bread, a little stale unsweetened bread, Butter, celery, milk, and fruit. You can also eat grains, legumes, lean meat and fish. Green tea, yogurt, drink fruit juices. But don't Respawn, but by hand squeezed!

Secrets a light diet

For a weight reduction important to the Motivation: concerns about his goals. Also, try this time a pleasant one: do not turn off, talk, walk in the fresh air, exercise regularly sports. Do not forget to drink less than 2 liters of pure mineral water a day, eat in small portions, and then a diet will be easier to perceive.

Reviews and slim results

Experience of thin girl confirmed: the transition to a balanced diet is a direct way to a beautiful figure tightly!

Reviews of doctors and specialists

Doctors because healthy rate of weight loss is 0.5 – 1 kg per week remember:. You can lose weight 2 kg in a week without consequences for the internal organs, but about the Tempo of Stress for the body. It is not without a trace in the ash mountain endocrinological disorders and diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract. In addition, strict rations, carried away you get in the trap of eating disorders. It can be expressed as in the compelling overeating, and in the anxiety to eat something unhealthy.

Doctors advise, therefore, not be hungry, but their diet, the body got all the necessary nutrients. If you need to reduce weight, a calorie deficit should be easy. Studies have shown that a safe reduction of the diet – no more than 25% of the calories of the current portions.